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Nylon is mostly used for our pouches and bags.
A water repellent coating is usually applied.

Used In: GLT Series, KG2 Series, inner cases of camera bags

※Use the same method for the inner pouches as they are also made of Nylon (partly polyester).

Polyester is often used for our pouches and bags.
It is durable and is perfectly suitable for printing patterns.

Used In: AR Series

This material is superior in flexibility and transparency.
It is also durable and flame resistant.

Used In: CO Series

This material has a unique matt texture and elasticity.

Used In: ML Series, SA Series (handle part)

This material is characterized by its decorative look.
It is used in various products from apparel to miscellaneous items.

Used In: CND Series

This is a woven material made of cotton and acrylic.
It is superior in heat resistance, flexibility and water absorption.

Used In: ACAM Series, GCAM Series

Cowhide is an exquisite material used in many of our products.
It is soft and superior in heat resistance.

Used In: ACAM Series, GCAM Series

This material is lightweight yet superior in durability.
It is extremely resistant against shock, is waterproof and cold resistant.
It is made of a material similar to paper, but is far sturdier.

Used In: FB Series

Silk is very flexible, strong yet soft material praised in Japan since ancient time as a luxurious material for kimonos.

Used In: Silk Cord Straps

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