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International Photographer

Dan England

Please refer to hp. Dan is creative director of a Manchester based design & photography agency called Source Studio who specialise in the fashion & design sectors. In his spare time he likes to travel and take street pictures. Visit @d_watso & @sourcestudio_ to see his personal and commercial photography.

MADBUNNY United Kingdom and Japan

Artist, based in London, Berlin and Paris since 1998. He has been offering more than 130 solo exhibitions around the world, including Europe and US, since his first solo exhibition in London in 2005. He is also the only Japanese artist on the SMASH art team. This is the 25th year of the apparel brand that he directs art.
As a professional photographer, he has been featured on the covers of national newspapers for more than 20 years, and has released three art book "BYSDNTCRY.®" series worldwide. Expression activities that transcend genres of art, photography, design, and apparel, remaining underground. (As of 2021)

Angga Ramadhan Indonesia

I am a photographer and video maker based in Indonesia. I make highlight short, making review for place or item, Fujifilm x series user and addict.
"Create, Learn, and Improve"

Francisco Rivera Mexico

I'm a photographer passionate about capturing emotions, travel and the gear that helps achieve that.

Ibhar Ezer Bunda Philippines

I'm a chef, culinary Instructor, director and photographer. I’m also the winner of ARTISAN&ARTIST Instagram photo contest back in January 31, 2015.

Jonathan Hodder United Kingdom and Philippines

Jonathan is a street photographer currently working for an international development organisation in the Philippines. Jonathan's photography focuses on the human condition: documenting the joy, struggle, and beauty of everyday life in East and Southeast Asia.

Lemuel Chanyungco Germany

I am a Chinese-Filipino American artist that calls Berlin home. I've participated in, have been featured in, and have worked on group & solo exhibitions, print magazines, and photography books. I am also a working for hire photographer, web editor, and vintage Leica reseller.

Marco Samaniego Mexico

I know how intimidating it might be a camera right in front of you. I consider my style being editorial, cinematic and photojournalistic. I always take my pics as if i were doing it for an advertising magazine.

Soujirou Yamagata Hong Kong (Japanese Photographer)

I work in China, Hong Kong and Macau as a photographer
"The 2016 EyeEm Awards" Finalist
The winner of ARTISAN&ARTIST Photo contest "ARTISAN&ARTIST Prize" in 2017

Tino Renato Indonesia

Tino is a creative lifestyle, food, wedding & travel photographer living in Bali, Indonesia.
He has worked with numerous local & international clients yet brand.

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