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Wide Open Backpack


The design expresses countless stars twinkling in the night sky on a shiny-textured fabric.
The stars with their contours highlighted, stand out romantically. For the lining, an adorable cherry pink color is used for contrast.
It has a special water-repellent finish so that it’s easy to use even during the rainy season. The front surface has a durable water-repellent finish, while the lining has layers of acrylic coating to prevent water from passing through the material.
Although it’s not completely water-proof, its water-repellent feature has passed the water-proofing standards and the material can be used for umbrellas. Even during the rainy season, the Vega series will add delight to your makeup time.

In addition to the long-selling KG3, a new series to accompany you during the rainy season joins the lineup.

This unique backpack features wide opening, that makes putting your belongings in and taking them out easy and smooth.
It also features stable bottom and keeps the shape firmly even when open. Inside of the backpack can be easily reached via a side zipped opening, ensuring fast access to your belonging even while you are walking.

Body Size

Exterior –Polyester Interior - Nylon

Country of Origin
Made in Japan


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