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Using silk Kumihimo, which continues to be loved as a cord to hold the kimono sash in place, the silk cord strap lineup with excellent aesthetics and practicality, has a new item available now in a thin, loop type.
This finger strap was developed from a flexiblemind of those who want to take out the camera quickly from their pocket and take a snapshot using one hand, rather than carrying the camera over the neck or shoulders. The thin loop which connects to the camera’s body has great load bearing, and the metal ring moves without any stress, enabling you to handle the camera with one hand freely and with security. This item can also be used as a Smartphone strap -a delightful news to the regular users of the silk cord strap lineup.
The cord has a complex double layer structure, and it uses a unique weaving technique called “Kagome (woven-bamboo pattern)” named after the design which looks like a bamboo basket weave. It is a precious weave which can only be achieved by highly-skilled craftsmen.
To bring out the beautiful weave patterns using the brand colors red, black, and white, all the leather parts from the stiches to logo design are kept consistent using a calm black color. It is a special strap where you can feel the chicness of Kyoto at your hands.


Body Size
18cm (Tothe tip when straightenedout)

Silk, Italian leather

Country of Origin
Made in Japan


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