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Three length adjustable Italian leather Strap


The new strap made of beautiful and supple Italian leather with excellent functionality will be available in 3 colors of black, red, and dark brown. The neck pad designed with ergonomic curves provides excellent comfort when worn, together with the texture of supple Italian leather. The strap is adjustable in 3 lengths to suit the situation or the user’s preference, and it has metal rivets with a matte-silver finish (2 on each side) to provide security of the desired length without diminishing the strap’s simple design.
The joint section where the thin strap is connected has beautiful stitches carefully sewn by skilled artisans, adding durability to prevent slack while also allowing users to enjoy attention to detail, distinctive of handmade goods.

A processing technique to prevent color transfer, also used for leather seats of luxury cars, is applied on the surface of this premium leather, hence users need not to worry even when wearing the strap over light-colored clothes.

This premium quality strap with attention to all sorts of detail from quality, design, to functionality, is recommended for particularly sensitive Artisan & Artist users to casually take it into their lifestyle.


Body Size
L900mm/ 1,025mm/ 1,150mm× W25mm(neck part)

Italian leather

Country of Origin
Made in Japan


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