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City Camera Bag (S)


This is an evolved version of the “GDR Series”. The main material has become sturdier yet more elastic. It feels lighter, sophisticated and luxurious. The inner case remains red while the lining has been updated from red to black, offering a more stylish impession. In addition, the Velcro fastenings at the handle and sides have been replaced by buttons for easier use.

This bag is a uniquely designed solution, adapting a garden style bag to camera users. A wide opening, a stable wide bottom and exterior pockets make it ideal for a day of shooting photographs in the city. It is the ideal size for carrying camera and up to two lenses.

The bag features detachable inner cases with movable partitions that can be removed and customized, allowing efficient storage. A special type of thick nylon on the bottom of the bag serves to ensure superior durability and stain resistance. The exterior pockets can be used for storing various small items and camera accessories.

The bag is compact so you can take it anywhere. The detachable shoulder strap has a pad to help ease the burden on your shoulder.


Body Size
W250 x H220 x D150mm

Inner Size
W220 x H140 x D100mm


Country of Origin
Made in Japan


- Mid-level, DSLR camera body
- 2 lenses

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