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Signature Essential Pouch


The long-selling camouflage series “Grace Camouflage” now includes the popular slope-shaped pouch.

One of the most popular Artisan&Artist pouch shapes, the slope-shape pouch, has been released in the lineup for the sophisticated camouflage series “Grace Camouflage”, finished with high quality Jacquard fabric.

The unimposing beauty brings out a sophisticated charm.
Tasteful use of colors choreograph a gentle femininity, depending on the way the light is reflected.
The texture of the Jacquard fabric has the perfect shimmer suitable in business settings.
This uniquely designed cosmetic pouch is big enough to accommodate all your cosmetic essentials, yet compact enough to carry it anywhere. As the pouch is a self-standing type, there is no need to hold it. Thanks to the wide opening, you can see the inside of the pouch at one glance with easy access to all the items. The main compartment is perfect to keep foundation, lipstick and other round shaped items.Two pockets with protection cover allow clean and secure brush storage.

Body Size

100% Nylon

Country of Origin
Made in Japan


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